Friday, September 27, 2019


First of all the SSRA mentioned in the above title stands for Site Specific Risk Assessment. There was both a Human Health Risk Assessment (HHRA) and an Ecological Risk Assessment (ERA) completed on the Uniroyal/Crompton site in Elmira, Ontario back in 2004. As a lay person I will offer my opinion on both of them. I feel that they were primarily a professional mix of junk science along with junk mathematics. For a professional opinion of these SSRAs I would suggest that interested readers go to today's Waterloo Region Advocate ( where on the second page of the posting you will find a treatise on the subject written by Dr. Henry Regier. A little hint: he does use the word "greenwashing" once.

Regarding my recent posting on Dr. Solomon I still do not know for certain that he is the Keith Solomon referred to in a rude comment (unpublished) here on the Elmira Advocate. Besides his somewhat peculiar (in my opinion) video regarding 2,4-D I have had another source recently suggest that he is not a fan of the famous Rachel Carson. Now even though I and hundreds of thousands or more others are a fan of her and her books, I am the first to admit that if he is not a fan that is hardly more than a comment and not even a criticism. Nevertheless I am still waiting and hoping for further contact and clarification from the person who recently sent me some tantalizing environmental details along with their K. Solomon statement.

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