Monday, September 9, 2019


In August 2013 the Todd Cowan council once again embarrassed themselves via a clearly bad decision. The council appointed CPAC committee formally approached council and asked them to reinstate me as a member of CPAC. Council allegedly voted 3-2 in opposition however I believe that Todd Cowan's vote in my favour was simply posturing to Dr. Holt, CPAC Chair,to the rest of CPAC and as well as myself. He had already lied to his council about me regarding a made up condition that he and David Brenneman (CAO) had claimed I accepted in order to be first appointed to CPAC. The condition was in regards to this Blog and I had categorically rejected it when he and Mr. Brenneman tried to get me to agree in advance not to publish hypothetical, sensitive CPAC information.

This decision of Woolwich Council's was described in articles in both the Elmira Independent and Woolwich Observer in mid August 2013. I believe it was Councillor Al Poffenroth who sincerely voted in favour of my rejoining CPAC along with Todd Cowan's probably fake vote in favour as he knew the prearranged outcome. Councillor Julie-Anne Herteis displayed her pettiness by voting against my rejoining. She was more concerned with "payback" as she had lost her chairmanship of the CPAC committee due to my, Lynne Hare's and Dr Dan Holt's pressure to get the committee up and running against the wishes of Todd and Julie-Anne. Clearly Julie-Anne had no understanding or knowledge or for that matter concern that a strong and united CPAC was required to counter the built in bias and influence of Chemtura Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Environment.

The lesson is clear. Councillors are not elected necessarily based on competence. Either theirs or the electorate's unfortunately.

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