Friday, September 6, 2019


No sense of urgency. No sense of flying by the seat of their pants. No shame and no remorse. That for me is the message handed out yesterday afternoon by Lanxess Canada. Yes I go to these wholly perverted facades of public consultation to see if I can glean information but it's a one way street. Real public consultation is two way not this brazen crap being foisted upon the public.

Ramin Ansari of Lanxess did share with RAC, TAG members present, and the public (four CPAC members plus one other gentleman) the approximate schedule for the Risk Assessment to start (Late 2020), further Creek sampling next year, Work Plan, and actual work in the Creek (warm weather in 2022).

Rather embarrassingly to RAC, Lanxess, and Sandy Shantz a minor issue was raised by Nancy Davy of the GRCA. Apparently she has not been receiving all the correspondence and information being sent to other parties on RAC. Then Eric Hodgins of the Region of Waterloo chimed in. He too is in a similar boat. He doesn't feel the need to receive each and every monthly Progress Report but he would like all the other correspondence, e-mails, letters, memorandum etc. So why is this so embarrassing? This is exactly FOUR Years after the start of RAC. No wonder there are no questions of Delegates and way too few questions of their fellow members on RAC when they make presentations. The parties are mostly in the dark. In my opinion, as planned and hoped for. No more nasty interrogations by well informed citizens who long ago refused to drink the Kool Aid.

Ramin misstated the timing as to when it was acknowledged that the 2028 deadline was not going to happen. CPAC first and the Woolwich Council said so in May and June 2012. Six months later Conestoga Rovers crowed about their recent determination that the current remediation regieme would not do the job hence they were going to TRIPLE their off-site pumping AND use In Situ Chemical Oxidation in various hot spots around Elmira. Ramin incorrectly suggested that this breakthrough was in 2015.

Ramin also suggested that Lanxess and the MOE/MECP were going to "renegotiate" the Control Order demanding the 2028 deadline. Ramin stated this as if it were a mere minor technicality. It is not. It has been the basis of every environmental decision over the last thirty years. Citizens have advised CRA, Uniroyal, and the MOE that they weren't doing enough. Lanxess should be charged for not living up to their ordered responsibilities just as Uniroyal, Crompton, and Chemtura should have been. What a pathetic joke the MOE truly are.

All of this is why both the MOE/MECP and Chemtura bailed on public CPAC meetings after the new Woolwich Council were elected in October 2014. They conspired with Sandy and Mark in order to be able to continue running the public show and pretending that all was good and under control when it never has been. CPAC publicly held their feet to the fire and would not let them get away with their puffery and bulls... .


  1. Hello Mr Marshall:
    So grateful that YOU so faithfully attend these meetings and post results online for the record. We were hoping to attend the last meeting but since it was another daytime meeting we were unable to be there. Thank You for your diligence and most of all for your perseverance.