Wednesday, September 11, 2019


There are several informative and well written letters of objection to the latest proposed gravel pit in Woolwich Township. This pit is proposed to be located approximately 250 metres from downtown Maryhill. A number of by-law changes and rezoning are required to give this pit proposed by Capitol Paving, the go ahead.

One of the concerns stated is in regards to the need for the pit. Of course I believe that in law that can not be a determining factor. After all if your goal is to supply aggregate (gravel) more cheaply than your competitor then it helps to a have a pit located closer to the proposed road or other construction project. Hence paving and aggregate companies are always on the lookout for easy to access gravel deposits even if they don't need them presently. One of the letters of objection suggests that there are currently 100 years worth of gravel pit licenses currently being held locally. It really doesn't seem to be an overiding requirement to disrupt people's lives, health, and enjoyment of their property. Maybe for these gravel pit companies it's more than just about money. Maybe it's about power and control. Maybe it's knowing that you have the power to annoy people and worse and to do it with impunity.

This proposed zoning amendment and more was discussed in Woolwich Council Chambers last evening. There was an overflow crowd present. Deja vue all over again. Just like the proposed Hunder Pit outside Conestogo. Just like the ongoing Jigs Hollow Pit between Conestoga and Winterbourne. First they got an above water table license and now they are trying to expand that to a below water table pit. Just like the former attempted Capitol paving gravel pit immediately outside West Montrose and the Covered Bridge. The best advice I can give these folks in Maryhill is to contact Gravel Watch Ontario and also perhaps Tony Dowling of West Montrose who is a member. Tony and the locals successfully, along with assistance from Woolwich Township, managed to keep Capitol Paving out of West Montrose. Now the company is back yet again. Will any of us live long enough to see right and justice stop these ongoing assaults upon both citizens and their right to the enjoyment of their homes?

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