Thursday, November 29, 2018


Bullshit Alert!!!!!!! Lanxess Canada (part of Bayer) who bought out Chemtura Canada in 2017 will not give approval for release of film footage involving former long time employee (ie. decades) Jeff Merriman. Mr. Merriman up until his retirement was the manager of environmental remediation for Chemtura Corp. and Crompton Co. before it. His decades of work on the Uniroyal site, where I believe he also worked, was as a professional, credentialed card carrying apologist for his employers. Lanxess is denying approval for the release of film footage of Mr. Merriman speaking to two filmmakers on the Chemtura property in regards to long overdue cleanup of the site, the Canagagigue Creek and the Elmira aquifers. Lanxess claim, according to a story in today's Waterloo Region Record, that Mr. Merriman's
interview is not relevant "because he is no longer an employee of the company." Bullshit! He was the face and the voice of the company, including at the time of filming, for close to twenty-five years.

The article in today's Record is titled "Elmira water Documentaries in limbo." I personally have seen both Documentaries, Bonita's as well as Michael's. They are both very good possibly bordering on excellent. My preference was for the longer one at the time although with recent edits I do not know. Local illuminaries such as recently, thank God, retired Ken Seiling and pretend mayor Sandy Shantz are included with speaking parts. More importantly are numerous local citizens who generally know what they are talking about unlike the two politicians. CPAC (Citizens Public Advisory Committee) members are in the film including Dr. Dan Holt, Vivienne Delaney, Dr. Sebastian Seibel Achenbach, Rich Clausi I believe and myself. Maybe Graham Chevreau and Ron Campbell as well although I'm not sure. Dr. Richard Jackson, former TAG (Technical Advisory Group) Chair was also interviewed.

It is disgusting and shameful that Lanxess Canada are unwilling to give the O.K. for the use of interviews of Jeff Merriman who vigorously and sometimes less than scrupulously honestly defended the often indefensible position of his employers. Say what you will about Jeff he was a good and loyal employee and that comes through clearly in these documentaries.

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