Tuesday, November 27, 2018


Technical Experts Meeting - definition- "a clever way to exclude the general public, the informed public, and to cheaply reimburse Lanxess's friends and allies for favours rendered and behaviour acceptable to the multi convicted, truth challenged polluter"

There was a "Technical Experts Meeting" on September 5, 2018.The meeting was to further discuss the results of the raw data obtained from GHD's 2017 Creek Investigation and to follow up on the March Technical Experts Meeting, discussing the same issues. Several issues were discussed including serious problems with the so called "background" site in the creek which ridiculously is located at the north end of the property by the bridge on Church St. which crosses the Canagagigue Creek. It is also suggested that more "...sampling of the Creek sediments up stream of the site and in Shirt Factory Creek and Landfill Creek may need to be completed."

Also of great interest to me is the significant differences in the clam tissue concentrations from stations located on the west side versus those on the east side of the creek. This could represent the differences between pumping and treating on the south-west corner (i.e. the Upper Aquifer Containment & Treatment System) versus the alleged Interceptor Trench running most of the length of the east side of their property.

The chickens coming home to roost for Woolwich Township could be the incredibly short sighted decisions to build municipal landfills both in the floodplain and along the Canagagigue Creek. No less than three of them exist in Elmira namely the Bolender Landfill, the First St. Landfill and the former M2 now located on Lanxess's south-west side. Of course there is also the former toxic waste dump known as Lot 91 across Landfill Creek from the First St. Landfill. This unremediated site was sold by the Township to Severin Argenton of Varnicolor Chemical infamy. Uniroyal/Crompton/Chemtura certainly in the past have not indicated being burdened with scrupulous adherence to principles, ethics, morals and sometimes even environmental laws of the land. Would they be capable over the decades of insisting upon municipal cooperation in exchange for their silence on the municipal, environmental liability posed by these unremediated toxic landfills that don't even have basic leachate controls?

Would Uniroyal and successors even insist upon things like which volunteer citizens they want appointed to CPAC, RAC and TAG in exchange for their not pushing to have these leaking, toxic waste sites remediated at Township expense? Certainly it is much easier for Chemtura/Lanxess to have "friends" of an amenable and flexible nature on these oversight committees than proven, informed citizens unwilling to be co-opted. Might Chemtura/Lanxess's influence even explain Woolwich's bizarre heads in the sand response to methane issues in and around the Bolender Park Landfill?

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