Monday, November 19, 2018


I was wrong. Here it is nearly four years later and I'm still going strong. Perhaps stronger than some know. I was reappointed to CPAC in mid April 2011 although I'd been promised the appointment since before Todd Cowan won the mayor's chair in October 2010. What an arse he was. By May 10, 20111 I and other appointed CPAC members were pushing Todd and Julie-Anne Herteis to get the show on the road. Funny thing is neither Dr. Holt nor Lynne Hare got the boot only yours truly. Of course the filth at Chemtura had been pushing Todd Cowan not to appoint me as soon as he won the election. Todd just needed an opportunity such that he could do what he and other politicians do best, which is to please everyone. We hadn't had a CPAC meeting since the prior November and there was both re-verification of Chemtura's *Responsible Care upcoming as well as the need to get the GP1 & 2 dioxin removal finally underway.

Perhaps the saying be careful what you wish for was a lesson that Chemtura learned. I wasn't a formal CPAC member but I sure did crush their spirit along with their lies while I attended public CPAC meetings. Then I was asked to be part of a CPAC sub-committee called SWAT for Soil, Water, Air and Technical. We hammered Chemtura's credibility on an ongoing basis. With all their bought and paid for technical experts they still couldn't bully or bullshit their way past the facts. They hated it. Perhaps they and their friends on the current Council should start looking over their shoulders. Uniroyal/Chemtura have manipulated the game to their advantage for most of the past thirty years. But not all of them. By the way just exactly how have both Todd Cowan and his sidekick done since 2011 again? Oh right, not so well. Remember that Sandy.

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