Wednesday, November 7, 2018


Yes the reality is that the Todd Cowan council had exactly zero intentions of ever reappointing any of the old CPAC guard. That is despite my recommendations to mayor Cowan to reappoint at least Ken Driedger and Gerry Heidebuurt and likely Sandra Baer although thank god he didn't listen to me in regards to her. This Council and mayor had already decided prior to winning the election that the public advisory committee was just way too chummy with Chemtura and the MOE. The Council viewed that as a roadblock to progress and wanted stronger, more aggressive citizen representatives to push the two guilty parties harder for results. That said they were not prepared to throw the current citizen volunteers under the bus or to the wolves to achieve want they wanted. Yes they did it incompetently but not maliciously.

Meanwhile the Sandy Shantz council listened way too much to Sandy and Mark Bauman who pretended that Chemtura's and the MOE's tantrum needed to be accommodated. Appeasement was on their agenda but despite some failings in the 2010-2014 council culminating in Todd Cowan's self-destruction, that council were not mean, petty and malicious like Sandy's 2014-2018 council. This appeasement was well described in the January 7, 2016 Woolwich Observer when they wrote "Looking to woo Chemtura and the MOE back into the fold, Woolwich scrapped the citizen watchdog that monitors the Elmira chemical company in favour of a new, less adversarial format." Sandy and Mark with help from two disgruntled and highly offended former CPAC members went about slandering and libeling the current citizen volunteers on CPAC who had been appointed by the Todd Cowan council. They did this in order to hide their true agenda of appeasement.

Something else needs to be said and this is to confront the lies from Chemtura and the MOE suggesting that CPAC were rude or mean to them. Good God are they babies or what? CPAC confronted them in regards to their plethora of lies. CPAC confronted them about their false promises. CPAC confronted them over their refusal to supply requested data or answer questions directly related to the local environment and their impact upon it. Chairman Dr. Dan Holt always ran a tight ship and controlled the meetings. This mayor Cowan insisted upon and it was delivered by Dr. Holt despite the lying by gutless, alleged "stakeholders" at the April 9, 2015 private meeting held at the Township offices.

Perhaps a better title above might be "Incompetent Diplomacy versus Brutal Dishonesty".

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