Tuesday, March 28, 2017


So why alienate Woolwich Council? Well firstly speaking truth to authority, whether serious authority or simply piss ant authority, will not alienate you from any honest authority. If on the other hand you speak truth to a group of individuals who are either biased or have reason to feel threatened by those speaking the truth, then indeed you will alienate them.

Over two years ago I spoke truth to Woolwich Council regarding conflicts of interest on a committee of council. I was ignored by most Council members and threatened by our mayor. Very sad but there it is. Back on March 7, 2017 Council were presented with a Staff Report dealing with Bill 68. Bill 68 is in the works with the province of Ontario and deals with municipal procedures, codes of conduct and conflicts of interest. I view it as a desperate voter pleasing attempt by our current embattled Liberal government. That said it already appears to have prompted Councillor Mark Bauman to come clean with a conflict of interest he has with Ray Kuntz who's involved with the Jigs Hollow Gravel Pit.

Hence again I have raised the issue of conflicts of interest of two committee of Council members. Once again our Council appear to be delaying and avoiding the issue. I therefore have decided to expand my complaints regarding this matter with other authorities. This is unfortunate and would not have been necessary if Council had fulfilled their duties and mandates. They have not. I am hopeful that these other authorities will shortly communicate with Woolwich Township and ask them what their problem is in understanding such a straightforward and blatant case. To date Council haven't even contacted myself or several other witnesses for even preliminary discussions. There is also other evidence available which has been made available to them. With the one committee member we haven't even received so much as an initial response, explanation or excuses since the beginning in mid March 2015. Yes that is correct - mid March 2015.

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