Saturday, March 18, 2017


The Waterloo Region Record carried this story titled "State offers prize to defeat carp " on March 6/17. Michigan have a huge interest in tourism and Asian carp will both harm native sport fish as well as recreational boating. In the U.S. boating becomes dangerous as these large fish tend to leap out of the water en masse from the sound of outboard motors, creating a dangerous situation for boaters. The prize is for finding a way to keep them out of Lake Michigan and the rest of the Great Lakes however they have already in very small numbers made their presence known even in Lake Erie. Presumably now it's a matter of trying to avoid them taking over as they have in the Mississippi and other U.S. rivers.

There is a crucial lock and dam near Chicago that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have been developing a plan to strengthen defences for in order to keep the carp out of Lake Michigan. Unfortunately President Trump and his administration have put that on hold. We await Asian carp's next move.

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