Monday, March 6, 2017


Today's Waterloo Region Record carries the following story titled "Great lakes mayors sound alarm". A group known as The Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative represents mayors from more than 125 U.S. and Canadian cities in the Great Lakes basin. They are sounding the alarm in regards to proposed drastic U.S. cuts to an ecological recovery initiative for the Great Lakes. This ongoing initiative "...combats invasive species, curbs nutrient-fueled algae blooms, cleans up toxic messes and restores sensitive fish and wildlife habitat.".

Both the public in general as well as bipartisan political support for protecting the Great Lakes has been consistently shown for decades. President's Trump's announcement last week to drastically reduce financial support for both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as well as other federally funded protection and restoration projects affecting the shared Great Lakes could be the death blow. It has taken decades to transform talk into action and many Areas of Concern on both the Canadian and U.S. side of the Lakes have been successes although much more is still needed.

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