Friday, March 3, 2017


Of course don`t hold your breath on that one because it would take a whole pack of honest politicians to ever do that. Or as the comedian once said getting a large group of honest politicians together is as difficult as forming a vegan sub-committee of carnivores. Steve Kannon`s article in yesterday`s Observer as well as Anam Latiff`s article in yesterday`s Record both have links to them on my Advocate posting yesterday titled ``Overwhelming & Appropriate Disgust To Jigs Hollow Pit Proposals``.

If on a balance of probabilities it could be determined in a court of law that the proposed gravel extraction was into the deep overburden aquifer versus the shallow overburden aquifer as the proponents and their consultant state; then in my opinion a criminal conviction should ensue. This is because the deception (if proven) would be for a self-serving purpose namely to make more money for the corporation by minimizing and downgrading dissent and opposition through the method of lying to the public. If the gravel pit is indeed in the deep overburden aquifer then the threat to nearby private wells in Winterbourne and public wells (C05, C06) in Conestogo is much greater than stated.

The same thing should ensue for Noise, Viewscapes, habitat issues, dust, truck traffic etc.. In other words intentional deception and lying need to be criminal offenses. The game today allows developers, promoters, consultants and yes politicians to lie their heads off without any consequences. This in a nutshell is a win-win for professional liars and a lose-lose for the public. This is why we have degraded environments, air, water, land and an epidemic of cancers.

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