Friday, January 3, 2014


O.K. to clarify the title I'm actually only going to refer to local environmental news stories in Woolwich Township. Also I'm going to focus on those presented in the Elmira Independent versus those in the Woolwich Observer. The reason is that to my consternation the Woolwich Observer almost completely ignore any Chemtura or CPAC news. The exception is when either of these subjects occur publicly at Council meetings. Therefore while there are several references to Chemtura newsworthy items in the Independent, there are zero in this year's Observer. Do not get me wrong. I read both papers religiously every week and have great respect for Steve Kannon's opinions/editorials. It goes without saying that the Independent's commitment past and present to informing the community on Chemtura/CPAC issues has been nothing short of fantastic.

Gail Martin of the Independent reminds us of the controversy surrounding Chemtura's receipt of their *Responsible Care verification back in the spring. Also she advises us in May of the rediscovery of DDT (& Dioxins) downstream in the Canagagigue Creek. In June residents were told of Chemtura's plans for off-site source removal via In-Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO). In July Gail reported that the hydrogeologist for the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (M.O.E.) had serious concerns as to whether Chemtura's more aggressive cleanup plans couls do the job by the 2028 deadline. In October (2013) we again saw M.O.E. tests indicating higher than expected DDT levels in the downstream (from Chemtura) Canagagigue Creek. At the end of the month the Independent reported the problems that Chemtura were having with ISCO "...after two potential test sites fell through.". Finally in December 2013 the public learned that the cleanup target of Elmira's groundwater by 2028 is very vague. There are no hard numbers, no lists of chemicals and especially worrying not even a clear definition as to which aquifers must meet the drinking water standards mandated for 2028. Or are they mandated by today's standards? Who knows?

In passing, the Independent's (& Observer's) Year in Review also includes other local environmental issues such as the Woolwich Bio-En gas plant as well as local gravel pits; including West Montrose, Jigs Hollow (Winterbourne) and the Hunder Pit (Conestogo).

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