Friday, January 10, 2014


I have on a number of occasions here in the Advocate given the stats for sewage spills and bypasses from various Waterloo Region sewage treatment plants. Add to that occasional alleged fuel tank spills from vehicles and it becomes a horrid way to treat our national heritage river, the Grand. Most recently (yesterday) we are advised of a 100 litre spill of diesel fuel into the Speed River in Guelph. Interestingly there was also a 200 litre spill of diesel fuel from a truck with a ruptured tank in December 2012, also in Guelph and into the Speed River. The Waterloo Region Record story yesterday is titled "100 litres of diesel spilled into Speed River, officials say". What I find very peculiar is the claim in yesterday's paper that " unknown vehicle's fuel tank burst, provincial and city officials have confirmed.". The vehicle a year ago hung around and fessed up. This time it's an "unknown vehicle" so how does anybody know its' fuel tank burst or that it was even from a vehicle? Diesel fuel can be used in all kinds of construction equipment, generators, heaters etc.. Perhaps our "provincial and city officials" are being just a tad less than transparent here?

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