Friday, January 24, 2014


Following is an e-mail that I sent to CPAC (Chemtura Public Advisory Committee), SWAT (soil, water, air & technical), the Elmira Independent, Woolwich Observer and Waterloo Region Record. It is in regards to a group of poorly informed councillors allowing underground fuel tanks within seventy metres of an excellent past wellfield and allegedly a possible future drinking water wellfield.

Today's Waterloo Region Record "Underground fuel tanks to be allowed at Elmira site". Many stated and unstated issues surround this decision. Firstly that the K-W Record even find it newsworthy that Woolwich Council have reversed a groundwater protection by-law is significant. Secondly the very tired and worn out claim that Elmira has these impervious clay barriers to drinking well contamination is hilarious. Let's see now, all the clay from Chemtura to the south wellfield didn't stop the south wellfield being contaminated plus every single aquifer throughout Elmira; however a tiny bit of clay (UAT) at the south end of town will do the job. P.S. there is no existing MAT or LAT by wells E7/E9. Thirdly the second last paragraph states "Officials say it's unlikely these wells would ever be returned to the drinking water system, even if groundwater is cleaned up by a 2028 deadline." Hmm, these wells are located in a very thick area of the MU and ML aquifers with abundant water available. Also our good friends CRA/M.O.E./Chemtura tell us the aquifers will be restored. Is somebody misleading the public here? Fourthly the second paragraph states "Woolwich Township councillors agreed Tuesday to lift restrictions prohibiting underground tanks... .". While it doesn't specifically state that Councillor Bauman voted in favour it appears that he did. Finally quite clearly is the fact that Woolwich Council put more weight on input from the likes of CRA, MTE, GRCA and the Region of Waterloo than on input from their own committee of council (CPAC) as well as representations from Susan Bryant. I view this as weak, uninformed minds depending on credentials; even the credentials of proven client driven consulting companies. That is a very sad state of affairs.

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  1. Well, well, well ! As mentioned in last Monday's posting in the Advocate, CPAC presented very informative and intelligent points for Councillor Bauman to consider. Obviously he listened carefully and thoughtfully and as a result he read a speech to the televised council meeting earlier this week in which he decided not to support the exemption to denying underground fuel tanks beside the south wellfield. Hence Councillor Bauman was the sole Woolwich Councillor to oppose the decison to permit underground fuel tanks. Well done Councillor Bauman and shame on the rest of council.