Friday, November 1, 2013


Yesterday's Elmira Independent has two articles dealing with Chemtura Canada, Elmira, Ontario. The first story is titled
"Chemtura runs into treatment snags" and the second is "Remediation program complete on former waste pits".

Editor Gail Martin has written the story undoubtedly as it was publicly presented to CPAC a week ago Thursday by Chemtura. There is the problem. Chemtura attempted initially to only present their so called issues with ISCO (in-situ chemical oxidation) at a handpicked private get together of their friends and fellow travellors. They also sent out a thick "letter" of approximately 65 pages describing their "snag" but to only two CPAC members and zero SWAT team members. Nice attempt CRA/Chemtura at controlling the information.

I have to be blunt here. There are only a very few private citizens in Elmira capable of reading and fully understanding these documents. I am one of the very few and I am now retired and have time available. There are certainly two others on the current CPAC with the technical abilities and background but neither one of them are retired. In fact far from it. The bottom line is I'm the only one reading and fully comprehending CRA/Chemtura's technical reports who isn't bought and paid for. My interpretation of this ISCO snag is that CRA's report is grossly inadequate. It is conceivable that they have a real issue but based upon their history of junk science and factually ficticious technical gibberish, it's equally possible that they are simply reneging on their commitment of off-site source removal made a year ago.

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