Monday, November 18, 2013


These meetings usually are to discuss the upcoming public evening Chemtura Public Advisory Committee (CPAC) meetings. Being somewhat smaller in size it is easier for longer more wide ranging discussions to take place. Additions to the Draft Agenda are discussed as well as which CPAC member will lead on which topics. Today there was a wide ranging discussion on the recently completed inadequate remediation of GP1 & 2 on Chemtura's south-east corner. Of great interest to me was the absence of Councillor and CPAC member Mark Bauman. Mark had expressed great interest in this meeting and indeed had insisted that CPAC hold a special meeting at the end in regards to yours truly. Some months back I had inadvertently included an M.O.E. employee in a rude e-mail. This unfortunate incident I thought had been settled with both written and verbal apologies but apparently not. Nevertheless CPAC did their due diligence, conversed with all parties both privately and otherwise and have appropriately put the matter to rest. May it so remain as we the citizens of Woolwich Township continue in our efforts to restore Elmira's groundwater.

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