Saturday, November 9, 2013


Both of our local papers in Woolwich Township carry stories on the recenrly released all party review of the Aggregate Resources Act. The Woolwich Observer's story is titled "Changes in store for gravel pit process following review of Aggregate Resources Act". The Elmira Independent's story is titled "Gravel pit report welcomed".

The review of the Act has been underway since March 2012 and included numerous public hearings. Changes suggested include better notice to neighbours of impending applications, faster rehabilitation of pits and a greater emphasis on recycling of old concrete and asphalt to reduce the need for new gravel being extracted. In the Observer article there were quotes from both the president of the federation of agriculture as well as from local MP Mike Harris.

In the Independent article, Tony Dowling of the Bridgekeepers (West Montrose) was quoted . While liking the report overall he noted the political reality of whether or not the Minister of Natural Resources will actually implement the proposed changes.

Most of these recommendations have merit but it is unfortunate they came to late for the Jigs Hollow Pit (Winterbourne) as well as the proposed Hunder Pit between Conestogo and Winterbourne. We are still awaiting the decision of the OMB in regards to the Hunder Pit application.

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