Friday, January 26, 2018


Well the Editorial in yesterday's paper was scathing in spots as advertised but the cartoon was just too precious. The first panel shows Sandy Shantz and David Brenneman (CAO) jointly announcing the new appointment to replace Scott Hahn on Council. The second panel shows the often used ubiquitous jug of Kool-Aid dancing and saying "Oh Yeaah!". This refers back to the often used metaphor about councillors (people) "drinking the Kool-Aid" after they have been brainwashed as per the Jones mass poisoning in Jonestown (Africa) a long time ago.

The Editorial combined with the cartoon indicates why Patrick Merlihan has probably had a lonely time on Council the last three years. Other than the odd support on an issue here and there, he's been very much on his own on Council. That said however I will suggest that from what I have seen, Councillor Merlihan has always gone out of his way to publicly be polite and respectful to his Council colleagues despite huge ideological differences. In fact, in my opinion, even suggesting that some of them have an ideology to start with might be pushing it.

Following are quotes from yesterday's Woolwich Observer Editorial: "...that requires candidates who are willing to act in the interests of the public. That seems self-evident, but in Woolwich particularly that's far too often not the case. As with the bureaucrats to which councillors often defer, the elected officials conflate (pretend they are the same) their interests with those of the citizenry. Co-opted into the bubble , they take on the mindset of the public sector employees whose interests are increasingly at odds with residents' needs, particularly when it comes to spending priorities and keeping budgets under control.".

Well that for me is a strong indictment of our local governance and how it has run Woolwich Township for decades. It is also exactly how I have seen our Council behave in far too many instances. Thank You Woolwich Observer for telling it like it is. Keep up the good work.

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