Friday, January 19, 2018



This will be an unusual posting in that it is not about the environment in general nor is it about politics in Woolwich Township directly affecting the local environment. It is about the utter failure in leadership and decency within our police service. It is about more than the treatment of women by we pray a minority of males with authority within the service. It is about the institutional failure from middle management right up to the Police Chief over a period of decades and how it has intentionally turned a blind eye to the treatment of their female employees by ignorant and abusive males.

The irresponsibility and blame rises further up the political food chain than just multiple Chiefs of Police. Here in Ontario and Canada we are supposed to have civilian oversight of our police forces. That oversight is exercised through the Waterloo Regional Police Service Board. They can be Googled to find out who exactly the seven members are. I will advise that three of them are on Regional Council namely Ken Seiling, Tom Galloway and Karl Kiefer. Three of them are appointees of the province of Ontario. The last is a civilian appointee determined by Regional Council. It is my opinion that the local members, at least, are all good old boys and sometimes good old girls. They can be depended upon not to rock the boat of which the proof is in the pudding. Female police officers have gone to them in the past for help including Kelly Donovan with her "Fit4Duty - The Ethical Standard" campaign. In other words our police force reports both to the province and most importantly to our local senior level of government, the Region of Waterloo.

I am in the process of reading the Affidavits of three female and one male police officers, namely Shelly Heinrich, Vera McKenzie, Karin Eder and Barry Zehr. Their Affidavits go far beyond merely being powerful. They are a damning indictment of human (mostly male) stupidity, arrogance, cowardice and abusive behaviour. They are a damning indictment of written policies, laws and regulations that are totally and completely ignored by those in positions of authority to enforce them.

On the right side of the Elmira Advocate I have a link to the Cambridge Advocate, run by Debbie Vitez. Once again Debbie has courageously stepped up and posted about this issue involving all of Waterloo Region and hence Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and the Townships. I believe that she has links to these Affidavits and more in her posting of last evening.

One other point for those of us with pro union and or left wing slants. Just like the abysmal behaviour of the union at the City of Waterloo twenty years ago regarding female discrimination in their public works department of which I was involved; the police union have only added to the problems according to these and other Affidavits. The union, known as the Waterloo Regional Police Association, have consistently refused to protect and assist all their members. They too have the bizarre idea that dues paying female police officers aren't real members and or worthy of equal treatment.


  1. You are a brave soul writing this.

    1. I agree with Barry. Brave and heroic. Thanks for bringing this forward. The Police in our Region are out of control. I went through the link on the Cambridge Advocate to read most of the affidavits. My good God! How could a stop mechanism not be put in place? These criminals should be going to jail. What a disgrace to the uniform. I can only hope the book gets thrown at these hurtful people. A terrible misuse of power. Shame on them.

    2. After seeing this on the news I had to check this out for false news. Nothing false, it checked out with a court date to boot. We can only hope this doesn't turn out like the Liberal gas plant cover ups. I will be contacting my local M.P.P. about this disgraceful culture and ongoing intimidation with our Regional Police. I was raised to respect others and standards were to be followed. If found guilty those involved should be fired and replaced immediately. Anything else will be a cover up similar to the gas plant. I run a small business that values respect and protection from harassment on the job. Most employees have been with us for nearly ten years. This is an embarrassment to our communities and needs to be corrected. I believe the R.C.M.P. should be involved as a separate investigation unit. This is very upsetting. Good luck sir and ladies.