Friday, January 12, 2018


First off to my relief we did not have a fire or explosion (to my knowledge) in or around the Bolender Park Landfill during this recent cold spell. Heavy snow on the ground combined with frost tends to make methane gas travel laterally (horizontally) versus directly upwards to discharge into the atmosphere.

I in conjunction with other citizens sent the Township Staff (2), Council (6) and Ministry of Environment (2) a list of fourty questions regarding the Bolender Landfill back on Thursday November 16, 2017. Just about two months ago. What I have received to date is exactly zero answers to these questions although I did get an acknowledgement of the four page list of questions from both the mayor and one senior staffer on December 4/17. It is unfortunate that we had found it necessary to first threaten to file a complaint with the Municipal Ombudsman over their neglect/refusal to obtain this acknowledgement. I was also advised that these 40 questions would be included in the December 12/17 Committee of the Whole package, which they were. Hence if any citizens wish to see these questions they are at the very back of the on-line (Woolwich Township website) revised Agenda package for December 12/17 (approx. pgs 316-319). I was also advised by the mayor that a number of our questions had been asked by another and already answered by the Township. This other is not a CPAC member and hence I wonder why the mayor or staff have not at least passed those answers along to Dr. Holt and myself.

Eight days ago I sent the township, M.O.E. and staff another reminder. I'm quite sure that they do not always appreciate the tone of my communications with them but frankly my dears that is too bad. Delay is the bread and butter of politicians who enjoy the perks but are painfully slow in addressing problems. It appears as if there might be a report to Council on these 40 questions at some point in time and I'm left to wonder if I or CPAC will receive a copy first and or be specifically advised as to when the matter will be discussed. Oh of course no response whatsoever to my latest inquiry. Par for the course. I guess I just have to shake my head and remember that I and all citizens work for Council & Staff, not the other way around.

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