Monday, January 15, 2018


That very old metaphor for appearance over substance was used in an Editorial by the Woolwich Observer on June 20, 2015 titled "CPAC shuffle all for naught until MOE takes action". Basically the Woolwich Observer saw CPAC being scapegoated for the sins and behaviour of both Chemtura and the Ontario Ministry of Environment. It's one thing when the dirty polluter, for a second time, picks up his marbles and leaves the game when he's losing; but for the provincial government ministry (M.O.E.) mandated to protect citizens, wildlife and the environment to do the same is beyond contemptible. To aid and abet this manufactured crisis, both Mark Bauman and Sandy Shantz of Woolwich Council destroyed public consultation, as tenuous and difficult as it was always intended to be here in Elmira, Ontario. Yes Mark quoting you speaking irrelevantly to the Municipal Election Compliance Audit Committee (MECAC), I have slammed you and Sandy here many times. You bought and paid for it will your lying, deceptive and contemptible behaviour.

This criticism is not to be construed as anti TAG. They have a number of honest, straightforward citizen members who are sincerely working hard to get up to speed. This includes Bill, Linda, Dave, Joe and Sebastian who's been up to speed for years. The first Chair of TAG, Dr. Richard Jackson was beyond incredible and when TAG was most in need of guidance and leadership he provided it. His departure was a major loss to Woolwich Township. Keep in mind that the last and current CPAC did not blindly lash out and attack the new TAG exactly as Pat and Susan attacked (with numbers) a couple of new CPAC members at the Elmira Library in June/July 2011. That was a shameful episode that spoke to Pat & Susan's arrogance, cowardice and usually well hidden bully tactics.

Speaking of which this weekend I was reviewing the newspaper articles concerning Sandy Shantz's early election tribulations in the spring of 2015. Did you know that BOTH MECAC and Woolwich Staff/Council attempted once again to flagrantly break the law? After I filed formal papers pointing out her multiple failures and errors in her Financial Statements including her failure to file an Audit, the Township AND MECAC failed to demand/issue a Notice of Default to Sandy. The Municipal Elections Act 1996 (MEA) was abundantly clear. Many sins and errors can be remedied with permission after the fact, however a total failure to file legislated documents after the election results in the automatic penalty of forfeiture of office. Staff (Clerk) and Council blatantly and illegally refused to follow the law with Mark Bauman and lo and behold they tried to do it AGAIN with Sandy Shantz. Even MECAC who pretended to be following process, rules and the MEA, conveniently never publicly raised this HUGE point at their hearing! Were they simply grossly incompetent, Carl and Mercedes Corp. (Sandy) buddies or were they corrupt and knowingly hid this from myself and the public? You decide. Once again it was left to private citizens to insist that the law be followed because all our authorities preferred it not to be.


  1. Your day off Sunday must have energized you because this article is all over the place. Some interesting reading for sure but to what conclusion or resolution will this lead to?? I wait with breath held for the next volley to be served.

  2. Postings do not require either conclusions or resolutions. They sometimes are merely for information.

  3. And how is that working out? The merely for information point you made of course. You must be hoping for some kind of resolution to these problems or at the most, some conclusion to your ongoing fight that will lead to a resolution no matter what that is. I think you are involved in a political waiting game to see who gives up first. Again as usual, just my opinion. I do however have one suggestion on issues with the creek. Rather than talk east, west, north or south, most hydrologists reference river, creek or stream locations based on right or left bank when one looks downstream. Just a thought for people referencing issues and data that you raise or reference.