Wednesday, January 17, 2018


As indicated in yesterday's post I was unhappy with some of the propaganda that a few of the interviewees spouted in the Documentary tentatively (?) titled "Don't Drink the Water". From Terri Buhlman (M.O.E.), Ken Seiling and mostly Jeff Merriman of Uniroyal/Chemtura; at times it was necessary to be wearing hipwaders to avoid being splashed with the bull.... . I'll give Ken a break here. He was the least offensive of those three. Make no mistake all three deserved to be in the Documentary. They were/are involved and they have an opinion. Jeff's bread and butter for decades was based upon his solid defence of the mostly indefensible. Terri Buhlman thank God has only been with us, offending our sensibilities of common sense and reason, for a very short time. Ken's mumbling in the Documentary surprised me. While I and others at the screening couldn't hear him; at least at home on my computer I could crank up the volume.

An interesting point for me was both Ken Seiling and Susan Bryant defending the decision to send 46,000 tonnes of Uniroyal's toxic waste down to Sarnia (Corunna) for burial in a supposedly secure landfill. Susan talked about 30 metres of clay there. They both talked about a lack of alternative options. Sorry but I didn't buy it then or now. There were alternatives but they were simply more expensive involving on-site destruction or chemical breakdown. I don't believe the long suffering residents of Canada's "Chemical Valley" also deserve to receive our toxic wastes. And that location is way too close to Lake Huron and the St. Clair River.

Jeff Merriman again gave us the company's position for the past five years that they were going to let's see: Triple then merely Double the volume of pumping and treating the Elmira Aquifers. Jeff stated in the Documentary that they would increase it by two and half times. What he didn't say was when. Five years and counting and the December 2017 Lanxess (Uniroyal) Progress Report just came out. Five years after all their promises and bull.... their off-site (ie. the rest of Elmira) pumping is up a scant 20 %. That's it. The latest new well W8 is pumping at the magnificent volume during December of .01 litres per second. Of course this will increase. It has to. At that rate it would be pointless to even have drilled it.

Some progress has been made. Now if only the same effort at propaganda could be channelled into cleanup both on and off the Uniroyal/Lanxess site. At some point that site will be abandoned and everyone in authority will then moan about how little contamination was removed from on site. You've had twenty-nine years since the Elmira wells were shut down to do it and the support of citizens pushing for on-site source removal by our authorities has been negligible.


  1. Looking forward to this documentary and verifying the points that you have raised. Let me know the date of showing and what channel it will be on please.

  2. O.K. P.S. There have been others over the last thirty years. The most recent was by Merit Pictures out of Winnipeg titled "Vietnem: Canada's Shadow War". I believe it's on-line.