Tuesday, January 16, 2018


This is all very subjective. How does one judge a screening of a new Documentary? If it is about a subject that one is unfamiliar with, it's probably actually easier. One judges based upon one's gut feeling and emotions. Were you entertained? Were you informed? Was it exciting at least in spots?

It is more difficult to comment on a Documentary that you were interviewed in. It is much more difficult to comment on a Documentary that you've spent a chunk of the last thirty years actually living. That was what occurred last evening in Kitchener regarding the Documentary that's been underway for at least the last four and half years.

I don't expect a film maker to bring fire and brimstone to a possibly controversial subject. Afterall a certain amount of nuetrality is necessary in order to approach and interview the varied subjects necessary for your Documentary. That said deference to parties who have long played games with the public and the laws of the land is difficult to stomach. We are of course talking about Chemtura/Lanxess formerly known as Uniroyal Chemical located in Elmira, Ontario.

It is very difficult to listen to lies, obfuscations, deflections and nonsense for decades, no matter how personable and friendly the speakers may appear to be. Corporations have no souls. This is why they hire human beings to speak for them. Unfortunately most of us give the benefit of the doubt to persons who look normal, speak calmly and are at least rational in their story telling. Also let us realize that the videographers themselves are simply interpreting the answers that they've been given. Sometimes it may be obvious as to who is speaking truth and many times much less so. It is an inherently flawed process. I believe that the current videographers mean well but their audience may be unintentionally led astray. I do not know an obvious or simple solution. If only the longterm ingenuous and guilty parties would wear black hats all the time, life would be so much easier.


  1. You were very late today and caused me stress as it disrupted my reading while with my friend Tim's. Now I will read the blog!!!

  2. What documentary are you referring to that was in Kitchener last night?

  3. It's a secret. Oh O.K. It's a documentary about the Elmira Water Crisis produced out of the Commons studio in downtown Kitchener. Many persons in it including myself. I share the limelight with other "undesirables" such as our current Regional Chairman.

  4. So when and where does it air for me to watch and say: "Hey I know that guy"?