Wednesday, January 10, 2018


I of course presented my Minutes of the December 7/17 TAG meeting, the next day, here in the Advocate. These formal Minutes are now on the Woolwich Township website courtesy of Lisa Schaefer from the Township. There are a number of highlights from these seven pages of Minutes including the fact that TAG appear reluctant to give the O.K. to remove leeches from the bio-monitoring testing. They are used because they readily uptake chlorophenols in the creek water. Several members spoke critically at the meeting in regards to the 2017 Bio-Monitoring report done by AquaTox. The big problem was the large loss of cages of both mussels and leeches due to the severe flooding last June. TAG therefore want the testing redone in 2018. Hmm lets see how well that goes over.

TAG have also publicly asked for suspended sediment testing as was repeatedly demanded by their first Chair, Dr. Richard Jackson. To date all guilty parties have refused to do so. TAG also are requesting yet again for better maps of the creek and the specific testing locations for sediments. This is to ensure that their isn't too much creativity in picking areas for testing which are unlikely to have regular sediment deposition. Finally TAG are already saying based upon both past sediment results and the knowledge that these are new sediments constantly as annual flooding (and more) are moving contaminated sediments downstream on an ongoing basis.

The preliminary soil test results for the Stroh property and the "GAP" are to be ready by mid February. Preliminary sediment and floodplain soil tests are to be ready by mid March. The next public TAG meeting is scheduled for March 15 and RAC for March 22/18.

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