Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Computer projections in 1995 showed that the Elmira Municipal Aquifer would not fully achieve Ontario Drinking Water Standards by 2028. Esther Thur at a UPAC meeting stated "I do not see any way that you can ever bring the water to drinking level standards.".

Susan Bryant in the January 17, 1996 K-W Record stated that " the problem isn't the lack of technical data, but the lack of political will on the ministry's part to take a tougher stand with the company.". This quote is very relevant when we recall Dr. Richard Jackson's parting words to the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) namely that "...the issues are not technical issues they are public policy issues.". In other words the scientists and experts know what is needed to clean up the creek, and the Elmira Aquifers; it's simply that the politicians and political bureaucrats keep getting in the way.

In a Letter To The Editor in the March 18, 1996 Elmira Independent, in reference to the Region of Waterloo, the Ministry of Environment, APTE and the EH-Team I stated "...will all inform Uniroyal, their consultant CRA and UPAC that Uniroyal's proposals are completely inadequate. Now in an honest process, Uniroyal would be forced to make changes or concessions to attempt to satisfy at least some of the criticism. But none are ever forthcoming.".

It was a very busy time for Uniroyal as they were responding to the public's anger and concerns albeit through the prism of sham public consultation at UPAC. Keep in mind that both APTE and the Elmira EH-Team still refused to rejoin UPAC as voting members. That would not happen until UPAC in 1999 through the air sub-committee told off Uniroyal Chemical publicly for their negligence and inadequate response to their fumigations of Elmira and the Duke St. folks. Then and only then did I agree to rejoining UPAC as a formal voting member. I thought the same reason was why Susan Bryant and APTE rejoined although it may also have had something to do with Pat Mclean and Susan joining forces and also getting new members onto UPAC and others leaving, thus breaking Uniroyal's control. Hence Uniroyal walked out and stayed out for a considerable length of time.

"Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it.". Similarly past history can explain and clarify much of current misbehaviour and unreasonable actions.

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