Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Well that didn't take long. On April 7/17 I posted here an article titled "Sleeping With The Enemy In Woolwich Township, Ontario". Basically I indicated that I was disgusted with Woolwich Township for having any business dealings whatsoever with the company who have represented Chemtura Canada's interests for the past thirty years, usually to the detriment of Woolwich residents.

Boycotts of companies who provide products at the retail level for consumers' consumption is commonplace. Nestle Waters might be a current example due to their water taking permits for pennies per gallon over in Aberfoyle near Guelph. In other words when a private company are making profits at the expense of the public interest; normal, decent people feel that patronizing their products would be immoral.

Apparently not a concern to our good Mennonite folks (granted not all) on Woolwich Council. The last post dealt with eSolutions a company owned formerly by Conestoga Rovers (CRA) and now owned by GHD. Last evening I learned that Woolwich Council have a $128,871.41 contract with GHD for engineering and tendering services for the Barnswallow Drive Reconstruction Project here in Elmira. I make no comment on GHD's competence or capabilities to professionally handle this work because I simply do not know. What I do know is that to date at least they are carrying on in the tradition of CRA in regards to Chemtura Canada (Lanxess) and it is not to the benefit of Woolwich residents or life in and around Canagagigue Creek.

As Susan Bryant is willing to "sleep with the enemy" namely CRA (GHD) right along with Woolwich Council then is it any wonder that this Council turn a blind eye to the glaring and apparent conflicts of interest of two of their TAG appointees ?

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