Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Ken Reger a local resident and former Uniroyal employee testified at the Environmental Appeal Board hearing and as well he spoke at the January 16, 1995 public meeting. Ken advised that the former Elmira municipal landfill, called M2, was routinely used for industrial waste disposal by Uniroyal Chemical. As it was immediately adjacent to their property this would hardly have been difficult to do without monitoring or observation, as if anybody was going to object anyways. Therefore Ken strongly advised that it needed to be excavated and various toxic wastes removed.

Bob Verdun, owner of the Elmira Independent, spoke at the public meeting and suggested that it was time that both Uniroyal and the Ontario M.O.E. started paying attention to the testimony of their former employees as to what went on. He also stated that Uniroyal were big on talk and short on action.

Susan Bryant suggested that the proposed SW quadrant containment only would contain 34.1% of the contaminated groundwater versus the alleged 95% claimed by Conestoga Rovers.

Mike Murray of the Region of Waterloo stated that the M.O.E. needs to do much more in regards to containment of the shallow aquifer.

There were of course a few Uniroyal friends who spoke on their behalf.

Pat Potter as mentioned yesterday was highly critical of both the M.O.E. and Uniroyal and one other thing she accused them of was that "You have destroyed an aquifer.".

Yours truly spoke and stated that there were higher concentrations of some Uniroyal chemicals in the north-west part of their site (RPW-1 & 2) than there were in the south-west. This included phenols, benzene and chlorobenzene.

Any honest and uncorrupted government Ministry would have realized that they had lost the confidence of the affected public with their pathetic and unsubstantiated rationale for only containing 1/4 of the shallow aquifer in direct contravention of what Uniroyal were ordered to do in the November 4, 1991 Control Order. It clearly stated full hydraulic containment in all aquifers. It did not state partial hydraulic containment in some aquifers. To this day between the DNAPL coverup and the shallow aquifer coverup I have nothing but well deserved contempt for the Ontario M.O.E.. They are professional liars and deceivers.

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