Thursday, May 11, 2017


The former name is the CCPA. Currently they are known as the Chemical Industry Association of Canada (CIAC). Many of their corporate members have an unenviable track record for pollution. Many of their individual members are in my opinion nothing more than industry shills. There have been a few excellent corporate members who have set a high standard and seem genuinely concerned about the environment and who practice *Responsible Care. The information that I have received for a long time here in Elmira is that Sulco (Canada Colours) are one of those legitimate corporate members. Uniroyal aka Crompton, Chemtura and recently Lanxess are not.

Excellent individual members for example on the National Advisory Panel have included Pat Potter and Dr. Gail Krantzberg. I am sure there have been others. Back on January 25, 1993 the Elmira Independent published the full text of a news release by Pollution Probe out of Toronto. Ellen Schwartzel is a researcher at Pollution Probe. She and Pat Potter attempted to get the CCPA to suspend or expel corporate members including Uniroyal convicted of breaking environmental laws. Their news release indicated that the CCPA were spending large amounts of money on full page newspaper ads (eg. Globe & Mail) and other publicity extolling the virtues of their members' commitment to *Responsible Care.

The Pollution Probe news release then listed thirteen CCPA member companies who have been charged and convicted for environmental offences in just the last few years here in Ontario. The corporate names are a who's who of chemical companies including Dow, Du Pont, Polysar, Cyanamid, Novacor, Shell etc. and of course our favourite Uniroyal Chemical in Elmira.

The point that Ms. Schwartzel and Pat Potter were making is that the CCPA needs to be more than a PR and cheerleading brigade for Canadian and Ontario polluters. Pat assisted up here in Elmira with protests against Uniroyal Chemical in the early 90s hence you can imagine Pat's disgust when she found that Sylvia Berg of APTE had sent a letter to the CCPA praising Uniroyal for their behaviour here in Elmira.

Pat Mclean had been a secret member of the National Advisory Panel of the CIAC while she was Chair of CPAC. I and other voting members of CPAC at the time had no idea of Pat's involvement with them. Pat has also voted in favour of Chemtura being reverified under *Responsible Care contrary to Dr. Dan Holt's vote and CPAC's wishes in approximately 2012. In my opinion Pat McLean is either an industry shill or Chemtura's shill. She has personally benefited from her position on CPAC allegedly representing the citizens of Elmira and Woolwich. That at the very least is a gross conflict of interest.

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