Monday, May 15, 2017


This public meeting was called after considerable opposition was demonstrated to Uniroyal's plans to contain the Upper Aquifer on their Elmira property. Well contain actually 1/4 of their Upper Aquifer only. APTE, EH-TEAM & the Region of Waterloo all hung in, in opposition to Uniroyal/CRA's outrageous plans. Dave Belanger, Hydrogeologist, on behalf of the Region stated that CRA's plans were the cheapest, least effective option. It took nearly two decades before we discovered exactly how and why this scam ever got off the ground. The GRCA and the Ontario M.O.E. rolled over and bellied up after showing initial opposition. I expect the M.O.E.'s opposition was merely token opposition as they were likely in the know regarding the secret east side works done by Uniroyal.

Pat Potter of the Dunnville Environmental-Hazards Team attended this public meeting and she was very blunt in her comments. She stated "I am waiting for the Uniroyal trials. You have committed a heinous crime and you will answer for it.". In regards to Hardy Wong of the Ministry of Environment she stated "If you do not have the strength of character to fight Uniroyal, resign.".

Rich Clausi and I of the Elmira Environmental-Hazards Team attended and spoke. We also had a large banner erected on the wall which stated "UPAC offers the illusion of public consultation".

Mike Murray of the Region of Waterloo spoke and he too criticized Uniroyal/CRA's plan for upper aquifer containment.

Bonnie Walters of the Cambridge Pesticide Action Group attended and stated the plan was " like shutting the door to keep the house warm when there isn't any window. It's ludicrous. It's a dead loss.".

Norm Jacobs spoke on behalf of the natives from the Brantford area as well as on behalf of other downstream users of the Grand River. He considered Uniroyal's actions to be an act of war.

This meeting was a watershed both positive and negative. It showed massive public opposition to a very stupid and outrageous plan that did not have the backing of any independent hydrogeologists. Citizens up and down the Grand River were united and opposed. Woolwich Township pro Uniroyal Councillors all fell in line as did CEAC and the GRCA. The negatives are that the M.O.E., the province of Ontario and local co-opted Councillors all ignored the facts of the inherently dishonest and cheap CRA plan. The aftereffects of this meeting made it clear that public consultation was all about appearances and would not deflect a corrupted government ministry from their self-serving plans. The public interest was being given extremely short shrift in Elmira and Woolwich Township and that has continued to this day.

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