Thursday, May 25, 2017


First off yes they are still calling it Chemtura Canada versus the new name of Lanxess. Frankly if I were the owners of that still grossly contaminated property, I'd be changing the name year in and year out trying to hide from the shame.

Well before we get into a few anomalies and oddities I have to open with this. In May 2012 CPAC advised the public and the media that the current off-site "remediation" of the Elmira drinking water aquifers was not going to reach Ontario Drinking Water Standards (ODWS) by the mandated deadline of 2028. Both the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Chemtura howled over this blasphemy. Then Woolwich Council endorsed CPAC's position and the two guilty parties howled even more. Six months later after doing what they do best namely lying and denying, the two guilty parties suddenly announced that all on their own they had determined that they needed to improve their off-site containment and treatment system. They needed to TRIPLE the volume of pumping and treating AND they needed to do hot spot source removal off-site using a method known as In-Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO). This system had of course been used in Cambridge a few years earlier and I had formally advised the CPAC of the day as well as Chemtura that it could work for them. Of course both parties criticized the idea as unworkable at that time.

Here we are four and a half years later. Guess what? No ISCO whatsoever as of this time. No Tripling of the pumping rates as of this time. Yes they have been pumping diligently for the last four years plus, especially compared to their pathetic attempts for years prior. Oh and they've long abandoned any pretense of tripling their pumping rates. Now they are talking about Doubling the pumping rates. Well that's one thing they have always been good at: ie. Talking.

Hell I'm too disgusted to keep going further today. See you tomorrow.

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