Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Health studies of Elmira residents were promised and never delivered. A serious and professional study of all sources of contamination was promised and never delivered despite CH2MHILL's work on behalf of the Region of Waterloo. The consulting firm delivered the answer the Region wanted which along with the Ministry of Environment squarely blamed Uniroyal Chemical alone. These professional truth twisters didn't even blink around 2000 when they no longer could ignore Nutrite's 80% contribution of the ammonia in the Municipal Upper Aquifer. Meanwhile Ken Seiling had publicly fingered both Nutrite and Varnicolor as potential contributors including naming them in a lawsuit. A year ago (May 2016) we received the first proof that Varnicolor had contributed multiple solvents to our drinking water aquifer. Unsurprisingly the M.O.E. and unfortunately the current company on the Varnicolor site, Elmira Pump, have as yet not made the final Risk Assessment available to me or the public. It seems as if that action is inevitable as they are trying to receive a Certificate of Site Condition from the M.O.E.. in order to develop part of their site (commercially).

Meanwhile lest we forget Uniroyal Chemical before they had their sweetheart deal and Indemnity from the Ministry of Environment (M.O.E.) had publicly offered $1 million towards a study of all the sources and contributors to the Elmira drinking water destruction. They, the Region, and personnel from the Environmental Appeal Board hearing all expressed skepticism that Uniroyal were the sole contributors to the destruction of our drinking water. Finally the M.O.E. had a number of detections of industrial solvents in the south wellfield prior to the "discovery" of NDMA in the water.

The final story here in Elmira is not yet written. Be patient. It will be.

P.S. There is a good video documentary being edited and finalized. It too will be informative.

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