Monday, May 16, 2016


Last Saturday's Waterloo Region Record carrys this story titled "Township has uphill battle getting federal help for creek". Basically we are advised that Dr. Henry Regier went through the process in detail with a formal Petition to the federal government urging them to act in regards to their duties and responsibilities under various pieces of federal legislation. The government of the day made up the usual excuses when they do not want to become involved in an issue regardless of whether they are legally obliged to or not.

I am planning on sending an e-mail to the K-W Record's reporter who is unfortunately following the word games of apparently both the Ontario Ministry of Environemnt and possibly of Sandy Shantz. That game is to suggest/infer that there are but two "hot spots" in the creek over it's five mile route down to the Grand River. That is nonsense and intended to allow a concession down the road wherby the M.O.E order cleanup of but two small areas versus doing the complete job.

Sandy Shantz's comments regarding citizens working together is simply more hooey. It's a total red herring as every community will have diehard supporters of large, industrial polluters who nevertheless provide jobs in the community. Also it's Sandy taking quite frankly more stupid shots at CPAC (and me), now known as the Citizens Public Advisory Committee. Uniroyal supporters did the same thing in the early days with APT Environment when APT first came on the scene. Sandy's final comments about the improvements in the Elmira environment are typical politician's tossing dirty polluters a bone and not jeopardizing the goodwill they have with them. It's called pandering.

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