Wednesday, May 18, 2016


The Woolwich Township website has a writeup under their News & Events column titled "Township of Woolwich Seeks Support of Senior Levels of Government re: Clean-up of Elmira Aquifer". It has a number of factual errors and omissions combined with a ton of wishful thinking and gilding the lily.

Fist of all our aquifers were determined to be contaminated with toxic chemicals in 1989 which is twenty-seven years ago not twenty-five. Secondly despite M.O.E. and Uniroyal claims, Uniroyal had help in destroying our aquifers. It came from Nutrite, Varnicolor and possibly Borg Textiles although the evidence for the latter is very thin due to intentional avoidance of taking shallow soil or groundwater samples from there. Further assistance came from numerous leaking local gas stations.

Sandy Shantz also doesn't mention that the reevaluation of the remediation of the municipal aquifers is solely due to the efforts of the last Chemtura Public Advisory Committee (CPAC) back in 2012 publicly announcing that the 2028 clean up was not going to happen with the current process. She also doesn't mention that after her and Councillor Bauman manufactured the so called crisis whereby Chemtura stopped attending CPAC meetings that nothing has changed. TAG (Technical Advisory Group) replaced CPAC and TAG members were appointed by Council. Guess what? Routinely, including the TAG meeting last week there was no sign of the presence of our favourite polluter.

The greatest hypocrisy of course is the recent shameful attempts by Woolwich Council to censor citizen Delegations to Council in regards to Chemtura Canada issues combined with Sandy and Council then jumping on the federal bandwagon. Furthermore Sandy claims in her News & Events on-line column that Woolwich Council "has worked for over 25 years towards a cleanup.". That is rubbish. Woolwich Councils with but one exception have worked very hard to give the impression that they want a clean up. In fact all they have ever wanted is not to offend Uniroyal/Crompton and Chemtura.

Yes the warning signs in the creek are a good idea albeit twenty-five years overdue. There are not "...many holes in the aquifers that allow migration between levels...". There are in fact many "windows" in the AQUITARD that "allow migration between the AQUIFERS. Yes Dr. Dick Jackson was hired last summer to Chair TAG and he is doing a wonderful job. Hence I expect and fear that he will be replaced as soon as Sandy and Council can find a suitable excuse. A suitable, competent and honest replacement is the last thing they want.

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