Saturday, May 14, 2016


Yesterday I mentioned "field filtering" of fish which is an application of a term used by Conestoga Rovers regarding filtering out of suspended sediments from groundwater. The M.O.E. analyse the least likely areas of fish when they are measuring for contaminants such as P.C.B.s, mercury, Dioxins and DDT. In other words the fillets on the back and sides of fish are tested not the fatty areas if any on the belly or the internal organs, especially the liver. Hence only the lowest concentrations of contaminants are found. In regards to DDT, allegedly the criteria in fish is an astounding 93,858 ng/g or parts per billion. This makes no sense to me whatsoever that the criteria is that high.

I had mentioned yesterday part of the stickhandling ie. mitigation methods such as advising people not to eat obvious fatty areas and internal organs such as the liver. Additional suggestions from the M.O.E. include not eating the skin and cooking and grilling to allow the fat to drip away. Of course all of this is moot for raccoons, coyotes, hawks and eagles who aren't able to read English as well as for immigrants with an inability to read English or French in the Fish Guides.

Ar one point Sejindra of the M.O.E. (sp.??) attempted to ask the gallery questions and was immediately stopped by the Chair Dick Jackson and inappropriately by Pat Mclean. Perhaps ongoing delusions of grandeur on her part. The effect was to simply make very clear that Woolwich Township only want controlled, stifled and filtered public input. ie. vetted by Sandy & Mark.

TAG Chair Dr. Jackson made very clear to the M.O.E. that they have inappropriately challenged this community with their refusal to assist with signage in the creek and more. Terri Buhlman of the M.O.E. was in my opinion once again managing the narrative with her repeated and false statements that there are two hot spots in the creek. Such utter self -serving rubbish.

Ms. Buhlman kept going on about adverse effects and hence more and more studies with non scientific, non rigorous protocols which eventually prove little or nothing that we don't already know. Risk Assessments are inherently legal and mathematical assumptions written up, wrapped in a bow and presented to convince citizens that all is well whether it is or not. She and the M.O.E. are continuing to refuse to do suspended sediment sampling in the creek which also has upset Dr. Jackson. He is the authority on these matters, sure as hell not Ms. Buhlman.

Dr. Jackson took Terri Buhlman to task for her ridiculous statements that the more recent creek sampling (2012-2014) somehow shows declining contamination. That is rubbish and Dr. Jackson told her so. Terri Buhlman even had the ignorant and arrogant nerve to call one of the hot spots (Stn. #21) an anomoly. It is not and she is a fool to say so with the limited testing locations to date. Finally Dr. Jackson advised that with ever increasing storms and waterflows that assume bottom sediments will stay in place is ridiculous. The M.O.E. claim the upper sediments are less contaminated so all is well. Horse manure!

A Motion was unanimously passed by TAG asking that soil and groundwater samples be taken along the approx. 160 metre stretch along Chemtura's border that to date has been studiously avoided by Chemtura and the M.O.E.. This is the area nearest the Stroh Drain and the likely one of the highest areas of Dioxin/DDT contamination on Chemtura's site.Kudos to Dick Jackson and TAG for this Motion. This Motion also ties in, possibly unfortunately, with any resistance by the neighbouring owner to testing on his property. The M.O.E. have full authority to do this testing without the owner's permission. Chemtura do not and that pair of liars are probably milking that.

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