Monday, May 9, 2016


This Thursday at 6:30 pm. we have a TAG (Technical Advisory Group) meeting being held in Council Chambers. There are a number of interesting items on the Agenda such as a Review of Written Submissions. I would speculate that that is a review of the process concerning them. The lack of verbal Delegations is pathetic and the "vetting" of them through the Chair prior to other members even seeing them is disrespectful and insulting. It is irrelevant that the Chair Dr. Jackson is well respected, his sucessor literally could be any toady whatsoever.

There will be a MOECC Update by Terri Buhlman. While she would have had a difficult time getting anyone's respect anyways as she represents the M.O.E., her performance to date has been asbysmal.

There will be an update on the proposed Hawk Ridge subdivision. Something is amiss here that the developers are back in front of Council. Is there a typical behind the scenes game being played with only glimpses being given to the public?

The East Side offsite work plan will be discussed. This is but one more coverup being orchestrated by Chemtura and the aforementioned M.O.E.. It is this kind of behaviour Ms. Buhlman that has endeared the M.O.E. to my heart. Not!

Finally there are some east side well issues apparently as well as a spill by Chemtura at the most southern pumping well namely E7. Keep in mind this is one of the former drinking wells from the south wellfield.It has an Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) as part of its treatment to remove NDMA from the groundwater.

The following Thursday (May 19) there is a public meeting in Council Chambers at 7 pm. in regards to a Risk Assessment for the old Varnicolor Chemical site. It is now owned by Elmira Pump and they have been pumping and treating the shallow groundwater on site for a very long time. The intent by the owners is to redevelop the site although details are not yet available.

The next RAC (Remediation Advisory Committee) meeting will be held in Council Chambers on June 9/16 at 4 pm.. While 4 pm. is personally convenient to me it is supposed to be a public meeting. This game was played for years by Pat & Susan with CPAC meetings being held at 9 am. for their, Chemtura's and the M.O.E.'s convenience while excluding the working public. The next TAG meeting (after this Thursday) will be held on July 13,2016 at 6:30 pm..

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