Thursday, May 12, 2016


Note I said that the complaint is off to the ONTARIO Ombudsman. I am operating on optimisim that the Ontario Ombudsman continue to honestly investigate and report infractions and noxious behaviour as they have in the past. Last year under the management of Andre Marin, Woolwich Township got their knuckles rapped for their illegal and improper in camera meetings again. What is appalling is Woolwich Township's plus other Waterloo Region municipalities (although not all) opting out of the provincial Ombudsman in order to have their own in house alleged "Ombudsman". Hey it's even possible that the private company appointed as the local "Ombudsman" might surprise me and do a good job. Unfortunately my experience in Woolwich has been that most of their "surprises" are usually of the unpleasant kind.

My third complaint is in regards to an April 9, 2015 scurrilous set of Minutes of a environmental planning meeting consisting of alleged stakeholders of the Elmira water crisis of 1989. In fact what it was, was an out and out bitch session by the polluter Chemtura Canada, two Council members (Bauman & S. Shantz) as well as by two embittered and co-opted former CPAC members (Bryant & McLean) who had been refused membership onto the new CPAC by the previous Woolwich Council. These Minutes were on Woolwich Township letterhead and were simply a personal, nasty political attack upon the previous Council appointed volunteers to CPAC (Chemtura Public Advisory Committee).

The fact that only five people did all the dishonest and cowardly work out of seventeen present is amusing especially when one considers that only one of them (from Chemtura) actually attended a majority of all the public CPAC meetings over the previous four years. The mayor and Woolwich Councillor present both have a history of coddling Chemtura Canada and the two former CPAC members both have conflicts of interest of the monetary kind regarding Chemtura, their consultants (CRA), The Region of Waterloo and the CIAC (Chemical Industry Assoc'n of Canada).

The letter I received dated May 9/16 from Woolwich's Deputy Clerk refers to "staff" being provided "...with information to consider in making a recommendation to Council...". This information provided was dishonest, inaccurate and vicious and it was known to be such by the mayor and councillor Bauman as well as most likely by Woolwich's CAO Brenneman who attended.

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