Saturday, May 7, 2016


Interesting on a number of fronts. Firstly the company Code Yellow Towing allegedly are located on Forwell Rd. not Centennial Rd. which is much closer to Kolb Park and the area where the spill entered the Grand River. I had had my own suspicions regarding a company on Centennial Rd.. Likely I was wrong. Also of interest to me is the claim that the 800 litre tank was half full of used motor oil. Perhaps either way that means a total spill of 400 litres of oil. Either way as in does the tank now have only 400 litres left or is it now empty after discharging 400 litres into the river?

The booms along the river have been extended from 250 metres in length to reportedly all the way down (south) to King St.. Really? I may have to somehow find time to check that out. Quite frankly I suspect that a hell of a lot more than 400 litres got into the river. If I'm wrong then kudos to all parties for their serious efforts in cleaning this up. Quite frankly over the decades/centuries a hell of a lot worse than 400 litres of used motor oil has hit this river while undoubtedly doing significant environmental damage.

Obviously costs and potential charges are being considered. I would suggest that that only occur if serious negligence or intent to dump can be proven. While I'm not soft on polluters if it turns out to be an honest one time only accident then I suggest that the lack of charges and costs against Chemtura's gross negligence and in my opinion intent in Elmira should factor in to any enforcement efforts against potentially Code Yellow Towing. Today's Waterloo Region Record carrys the story titled "Ministry says towing firm potential source of river spill".

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