Tuesday, May 17, 2016


That at least is the hope of the current owners, Elmira Pump. Elmira Pump is owned by Jim Germann and his cousin Joey Kuntz. Both formerly worked for years at Kuntz Electroplating in Kitchener. It is my understanding that Mr. Germann was involved at Kuntz with wastewater treatment which certainly would be a major effort with the extent of heavy metals involved in the plating industry.

Therefore when Mr. Germann bought the site in 2001 it would have been with the acknowledgement that he would continue the ongoing since 1996 treatment of the Surficial Aquifer on the site. I have been advised that that indeed is what has occurred and that even though the shallow concentrations are now negligible it continues. The scheduled Risk Assessment presentation this Thursday 7 pm. in Council Chambers is to initiate the process of rezoning and redevelopment. I also believe that a requirement includes a Record of Site Condition from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (M.O.E.).

It is also my understanding through the advice of Dr. Dan Holt and Richard Clausi that Mr. Germann has been a regular, ongoing participant in the Sulco CAP (Citizens Advisory Panel). All their comments to me both about Sulco (Canada Colours) and Mr. Germann have been very positive.

There are issues however related to the M.O.E.'s secrecy and dishonesty. I am sincerely working to try and separate in my mind the sins, deception and outright lies of the M.O.E. over the last thirty years regarding this site from the current owners and their wishes to redevelop this site. I have been reviewing my Varnicolor files and quite frankly the M.O.E. had a huge conflict of interest regarding ever taking action or even honest investigation of this site. Their credibility and integrity were sorely challenged back in 1989 and afterwards, as the citizens learned of their negligence and cavalier attitude towards protecting our drinking water and health.

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