Saturday, September 19, 2015


I find it calming to release my disgust in the title first before beginning to write my posting for the day. So yes I was told yesterday morning at 11:05 am. that I have the right form but that's about as far as it goes. The previous week I had been told by the J.P. in writing that I had been paged at 1:10 pm. ten minutes after I had left (possibly true who knows?) and that court staff had phoned me at home in the afternoon. The latter is extremely unlikely. One I was home and two I have an answering machine which I watch carefully. Sooo.... yesterday I'm told by the J.P. not only is my form to be typed, not carefully handwritten as it was, but that she allegedly told me this last week. Furthermore she claims that she had explained the proper format to me the week previously. Hmm... . Best case scenario is refer back to her previously mentioned English speaking skills including accent. Worse case scenario is not good.

O.K. here's the good news. The J.P. got me new forms and pointed out (sort of) an empty room with a table and chair for me to hand write out a new Information this time in the proper format. She also offerred to have the staff type it up when I was finished. I accepted all offers given. This new "format" didn't seem all that different from some of the sentences I had done originally although others were less of what she wanted. Form 105 is not clear at all as to the specifics as to what they want. It is also somewhat repetitive as one is to list all the Sections of the Municipal Election Act (MEA) contravened at the bottom together after listing each one individually with a written sentence describing the offence in the body. So I did all that and resubmitted at about 12:15 pm. for typing. Now keep in mind Form 105 is a single page and a professional typist could probably type the 8-10 sentences in five to ten minutes. I figured best case scenario was an hour for staff taking us well into the J.P.'s 1 1/2 hour lunch so I gave them the new handwritten form 105 and told them I'd be back next week. In that case they said here's your Form 105 back if you're not going to wait around. I said I was willing to go out for lunch and come back at a reasonable hour (I'd been there since 8:40 am. again) but again they would not give me any specific time for either the typing being done or the J.P. again available. Hence I said goodbye I'll be back next Friday.

Some more significantly good news. A police officer at the counter with me while we were both waiting advised me that once the J.P. receives the Information (Form 105) in the format she wants then she has absolutely no choice but to accept it. The next step is referred to as her issuing process. The J.P. has advised me that she will take care of the "Summons" which I think might be the "issuing process". Therefore I've said it before but it sounds as if there is light at the end of the tunnel.

As of right now, here at home, I have typed and completed the "Information" known as Form 105. It actually looks very professional. There are ten different offences listed and described along with the specific sections of the MEA that I believe our mayor has contravened. Most of these listed should be a slam dunk as she has admitted them via her three followup Financial Statements all submitted after the March 27, 2015 deadline. These ten offences cover my August 3, 2015 posting titled "More New Expense Contraventions By Sandy Revealed". There are a couple of extras having to do with Sections 89, 90, 92-94 dealing with corrupt practices. These are the more serious charges and undoubtedly will require more serious attention and thought from a prosecuter.

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