Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Officially today September 1, 2015 RAC/TAG (Really Awful Chemtura Truth Avoidance Groups) begin their mandate while CPAC (Chemtura Public Advisory Committee) allegedly is finished. Two points: firstly my acronym above for RAC/TAG while fundamentally accurate is due to Mayor Shantz's and Councillor Bauman's intentional structure and organization of it. Yes there are some co-opted company monkees on TAG with gross conflicts of interest. There are also some friends of the Mayor from the local curling club. That said being a curler while not a particular qualification does not preclude honesty of character. There are also a couple of well qualified individuals on TAG. Unfortunately the real influence due to the political structure is on RAC and it is dominated by two hopeless Woolwich Councillors, the Region of Waterloo and the equally useless Grand River Conservation Authority. Yes the TAG Chair and one other TAG member are also on RAC.

Chemtura and their long captured "regulator" the Ontario Ministry of the Environment have achieved a breakthrough. With the assistance of two corrupt Councillors and the apathy/stupidity of most of the rest of Council they have reduced public participation to a whisper. Keep in mind that Councillor Merlihan in a public Council meeting did refer to the structure of RAC/TAG as "cringeworthy". Despite that he voted along with the rest of the sheep on Council.

CPAC can not be finished due to the efforts of liars, polluters, politicians, bureaucrats and other assorted lowlifes thriving here in Woolwich Township. Mark, Sandy, Jeff, Dwight, Helder, Pat, Susan and M.O.E. professional liars as well have actually solidified the resistance to their do nothing but talk, stall, obfuscate and hide information plans.

CPAC are now officially the Citizens Public Advisory Committee. You will be hearing more from them in upcoming months.

By the way the Woolwich election expense scandal combined with the Ombudsman's Report detailing improper and illegal in camera meetings has exposed Woolwich Staff and Council incompetence and dishonesty. That is very important as more citizens learn that our local "authorities" are not inherently smarter or more competent than local citizens. Let's see how long they can remember that.

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