Wednesday, September 23, 2015


It appears there have been two different articles in the Waterloo Region Record in the last day or two regarding Northstar Aerospace. While welcomed they are literally years late and way too little. Shame on the Record and every other media outlet for swallowing the Region's, the City of Cambridge and the Ministry of Environment's horse manure a decade ago that they had caught that environmental disaster in time. They did no such thing.

While I've come to expect governmental obfuscation and puffery the media's non-response at the time was pathetic. Yes 500 homes were affected by vapour intrusion into their homes due to the gross groundwater contamination from two sources on Bishop St. namely Northstar Aerospace and G.E. Canada. The human cost including premature deaths and lifelong health problems were grossly understated and downright denied and ignored.

Putting out a puff piece today praising some of these same guilty parties is disgusting. While I'm not against redevelopment if it doesn't stand in the way of remediation, I do not see the need to pretend that everything has worked out for the best. It has not. Ask the surviving family members of those taken far too soon. One of the articles in the Record is titled "Northstar site to be sold, redeveloped". Here is the link to the other one.

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  1. Oh yes it is all about SELECTIVE ENFORCEMENT and it is obvious to me that Township and MOE has for some reason been treating the Elmira Chemical Company completely different than other sites of environmental concerns.