Thursday, September 10, 2015


Boy if you think your Doctor, Surgeon or local Hospital sometimes display impatience or arrogance towards you then you've seen nothing yet. Try on your local courts, judges and even support staff. Hell they even put school board staff and teachers union staff to shame. Ever notice how it is our so called public service industries that are the most unaccountable, unresponsive, unreasonable and just plain disrespectful?

The Municipal Elections Act 1996 is an intentional disgrace written by our provincial legislature. It has commonsense rules and regulations followed by written and specific penalties for non compliance. Yes it even carefully differentiates between stupidity and laziness by political candidates versus wilful and intentional cheating and lying with the most severe penalties being reserved for the most dishonest and disrespectful (of the Act) violaters.

Where it fails is in enforcement. It relys far too much on either individual citizens stepping up and saying "Hey you"ve broken the law" or even worse it relys on co-opted staff, employees, and even elected councillors all in a horrible conflict of interest position, to do the same.

I have been literally spoonfeeding facts and evidence to the Waterloo Regional Police and to Superior Court (Justice of the Peace). The response to date has been as described in the first paragraph and worse. It has included my filling out an Application to Commence a Proceeding for a Private Information Under the Criminal Code, taking it down to Superior Court and giving it to a Clerk as recommended 1 1/2 hours prior to the availabilty of the Justice of the Peace at 10:30 am.. Along with my Application I included exerpts of the MEA 1996 as well as copies of mayor Shantz's Financial Statements. I then sat and waited upon the J.P. even though I was assurred that I was first in line having attended at 9 am.. I sat and waited from 9 am. until 1 pm. when I had been advised that she would be taking an hour and a half lunch break until 2:30 pm.. I had asked and advised staff much earlier that I could come back at her next available date when they told me that she was studying and reviewing my Application. No that was not allowed I was told. If I left before she was ready then my Application would be tossed.

I am advised that the J.P. is only available to citizens on one day of the week namely Fridays. Can you believe that just for starters? Fridays only thank you and be prepared to sit for the whole day on hard chairs without cushions. If you need to use the bathroom be sure to tell Staff so that you don't miss your window of opportunity to kiss their and the J.P.'s golden asses. You know even heart surgeons are willing to make appointments to deal with the riff raff politely referred to as clients or people. Not our judicial system J.P.s apparently.

It has become apparent to me that the local judicial system have intentionally erected roadblocks to citizens wishing appropriate enforcement of the Municpal Elections Act 1996. It is equally obvious that lawyers are fully aware of this and advise their clients (guilty politicians) to relax. Honest citizens with families and jobs absolutely can not access the judicial system even if they've finally figured out the proper route to do so. Those remaining citizens whether retired or otherwise are treated with haughty judicial contempt in their attempts to do so. I expect that for several thousand dollars plus I could have passed this off to a lawyer and he could have designated a paid intern or lackey to sit in my place. Or in other words we have the best judicial system in the world, that money can buy.


  1. WHO IS SERVING WHO? I was shocked when I actually looked up the word “client” in online dictionaries. We should ALL be aware of this BEFORE we become one. Simply the fact that we are called the “clients” and not even customers anymore makes my skin crawl. stipulates that CLIENT is 1 : one that is under the protection of another : DEPENDENT stipulates that DEPENDENT is : decided or controlled by something else : needing someone or something else for support, help, etc. : addicted to alcohol or a drug stipulates that CLIENT is: 3(In ancient Rome) a plebeian under the protection of a patrician.”” and “Origin late Middle English: from Latin cliens, client-, variant of cluens ‘heeding’, from cluere ‘hear or obey’. The term originally denoted a person under the protection and patronage of another, hence a person ‘protected’ by a legal adviser”
    I guess this explains why we clients, are expected to pay in advance???… while on the other hand when an officer of the court and other certain privileged citizens make an error, (gets intro legal trouble) their insurance simply takes over for them. (to do all the work and protect them personally and professionally and protect their assets). All our systems are corrupted by money and or power and they do NOT serve the people. The systems and almost all the individuals in control positions are now SO corrupt that the truth is being exposed...they actually hate and despise their own "clients" ! So I say lets give these people all the respect they deserve, NONE! If what we see is gross and ugly and evil lets democratically get rid of it.

  2. These comments and responses are getting more and more verbose to the points that they are exhausting to read. The JP doesn't want to see you and is putting you off because they know it will be more of the same garbage. You have an axe to grind rather than a real issue... irrespective of how "important" you think it is. You also wouldn't think it was important if you didn't hate her for dumping you and your gang of CPAC. Fight the real issues, Alan! When you act the way you do, and constantly attack people over pretty random little details (in which you make mountains out of mole hills and scream corruption).... people just stop listening after a while. Hence, the JP is rolling her eyes and making you sit there all day long. I would do the same if I had to listen to a crazy dude ranting about a mayor that he hates. There are real issues out there and the courts are over-booked as is. You are taking up valuable court time for a personal vendetta. What if somebody who actually needed help via the courts didn't get an opportunity because you were blathering on about this garbage. Brutal.

    Screwing up a financial statement is not corruption and self-interest. You are just looking for ways to oust her or punish her because she got rid of you. You are becoming a nuisance. Just stop.

    1. Hey stupid it's the J.P.'s job to say yes or no to an Application. Secondly you and more than ever are reading this Blog every single day. Thirdly pay attention. It's all about knowingly breaking the law and then covering it up. That is the issue now. Misleading and misrepresenting evidence to the authorities. Maybe you don't think that's important but I and others do.

  3. First off an apology for calling someone, stupid.Generally I try not to stoop to the level of name callers who miraculously only show up here when I've got particularily strong, effective and hot off the press info. That said no apolgy required for deleting a couple of those same namecallers. If you want to express a contrary opinion go ahead but name calling will get you deleted. Especially anonymous name calling .