Thursday, September 3, 2015


At the last Council meeting on August 25 Mayor Shantz started the meeting with the self serving pronouncement that as Council has a written Agenda and sticks to it (somewhat), therefore Delegates should stick to the three or four word title of their Delegations. Really Sandy. Democracy by it's nature and composition can not be expected to always be neat, clean and simple. Citizens, as in those who are paying the freight, have issues which they have a right to expect their local representatives to listen to, have respect for and if within their authority to address. What we do not need are a self serving clique, a Family Compact if you will, changing the rules whenever they don't like how the citizens they are supposed to be serving, disagree with them.

Mayor Shantz also read off some nonsense about the behaviour of Delegations. As stated in the previous paragraph it sounds as if Council have gone and changed the rules retroactively again. Part of what she read I recognized from the Township's Procedural By-Law regarding Delegations, which is on their website. The word "vexatious" plus a couple of other comments allegedly describing Delegates behaviour I did not recognize. The world really must be a frustrating place for control freaks. The more they attempt to expand their authority the more pushback they receive.

Chemtura have been lying low for the past ten months enjoying the respite. They also know that they should be able to bullshit and bafflegab the incoming TAG (Technical Advisory Group) for a considerable amount of time. If indeed Mark and Sandy in their desperation for new members have appointed two honest and informed professionals then it's only a matter of time before Chemtura and the M.O.E. feel the heat. That unfortunately has long been their Agenda. Stall, delay, procrastinate and then cry for their Mommys (& other corrupt politicians) to bail them out when citizens lose patience with their lying. I therefore see little or no hope during this Council's tenure. If there are a couple of honest citizens on TAG along with the two professionals then it will still be hopeless. RAC (Remediation Advisory Committee) have the authority to speak to Council not TAG. RAC are dominated by the mayor, a Councillor, the Region and the GRCA. In other words a pack of folks heavily invested in the status quo.

Discussion continues regarding the election expenses of Mayor Shantz and Scott Hahn. While Mark deceived Superior Court nevertheless the fact is that he has filed his Financial Statement as bare bones as it is. Bet you don't pull that stunt again Mark even with the collusion of the Township Clerk. It is of course discouraging when citizens play by the rules and their crooked politicians do not. Both Scott and Sandy have a lot to be ashamed of and that isn't referring to their ignorance and incompetence as much as it is referring to their manipulation and blatant corruption of MECAC, the legal system and themselves. MECAC twice made decisions that fly in the face of the facts, reality, common sense and the intent of the Municipal Elections Act 1996. They are corrupted and they have lost all credibility. The Compliance Audit (forensic audit) was devastating to Councillor Hahn yet MECAC through advanced horse manure and excuses ignored the most serious facts regarding what appeared to be manufactured, after the fact, receipts and invoices. MECAC also gave Mayor Shantz a pass on requiring a Compliance Audit only for her to be removed from office eight days later for her Election Act contraventions.

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