Wednesday, September 30, 2015


At the moment after far too much delay and misinformation it appears that perhaps indeed that someone in authority, somewhere actually cares about the abuse of the Municipal Elections Act up here in Woolwich by three sucessful candidates. Of course only Mayor Shantz has a court date for tomorrow morning at 11 am. in what I refer to as Superior Court (Court of Justice?). I have been describing here over the last five and a half weeks the frankly ridiculous process required for a non lawyer, average Joe citizen to be able to sucessively file an "Information" and then to have "process issued'. At least the second part "process issued" was handled by the Justice of the Peace and the Court Staff. I think that part of the problem was the relatively unusual aspect of a citizen filing a private "Information" for an Election Act charge versus say for a Restraining Order or even say an assault charge.

Paige Desmond of the Waterloo Region Record has a small article in today's newspaper describing this most recent development in the case. The on-line title of the story is "Woolwich mayor summoned to court regarding election expenses". Her article also mentions the fact that I filed a second Compliance Audit Application last week. The first unsucessful request followed the mayor's very first Financial Statement filed on February 2/15 which even lacked an accompanying Auditor's Report. Three more Financial Statements have followed, each one adding to her list of donors as well as her list of expenses. All four Financial Statements have errors and omissions of varying seriousness.

Regarding tomorrow's court appearance by either the mayor or her representative, I have been advised of absolutely nothing. I was shocked yesterday morning at 10 am. to learn that the first court appearance was to be a mere two days later. This lack of information being given to the complainant/informant seems to be par for the course throughout these proceeedings. Is it for example to set a future trial date? Is it for another purpose? Is it merely to formally begin the proceedings or will something substantive occur for which I should have been advised? What's not to love with our judicial system and what appears to be its' intentionally obtuse and veiled processes?


  1. Congratulations for persevering Mr. Marshall! Shame on all those that try to get in the way of exposing the truth and especially those that are NOT accountable to the people or to their adversaries. Mr. Marshall, you have proven to all the deadbeat citizens and the system minions that it is possible to force action as an individual citizen, even when the system resists. Most of our society is either kept busy just making ends meet or they are simply fast asleep in the la-la-la (who cares) world! You have also proven that a single human being speaking truth to power MUST persevere, when those in power realize that they CANNOT take freewill away from you simply by fiat. Our freedom as human beings is more precious than anything the system offers! God gave us all this freedom to speak the truth and do good works and only satan and his minions/demons are in opposition! More power to truth and the resulting freedom!

  2. All Alan's done thus far is waste tax payers money. What has changed? Nothing, Sandy is still the mayor and council is still in place. Way to go Alan.