Friday, November 17, 2023


 O.K. am I prepared to say that I wasted my time in attending it in person? No I'm not. Unlike two citizen liars who barely each attended one third of the CPAC meetings between 2011 and 2015 I will only speak about TAG from regular first person attendance. Oh and I will also inquire as to why half of TAG are not showing up in person but are "attending" from home virtually.  Covid has introduced a slippery slope here and I fully expect Lanxess and fellow travellors to exploit this lack of in person attendance when it suits their needs at the expense of the public interest.

Firstly as promised but undelivered, the Min. of Environment (MECP) failed to complete their Comments on the Revised Draft Risk Assessment (HHERA) on time for last night's meeting. Hence there was nothing to read, understand and discuss for Item 4.2 . Last night's meeting should have been cancelled or postponed or at least other important items put on the Agenda. It did not happen. TAG were re-promised those Comments by the end of November with the next TAG meeting scheduled for February 1, 2024.

Then we were treated to Agenda Item 4.3 in which Ramin Ansari (Lanxess) played the good guy working diligently to assist the poor,  intellectually deficient Elmira citizens who want at least a token/pretend cleanup of the Canagagigue Creek. Susan Bryant has spent decades manipulating, scheming and back stabbing colleagues, friends, APTE members etc. in order to solidify her position as the citizen saviour of the Creek. This has included decades of private meetings and unauthorized by UPAC and CPAC deals with the devil (Uniroyal/Crompton/Chemtura/lanxess). She trusted professional liars and scumbags to deliver on their promises. In exchange for unrestricted access to talk and negotiate allegedly on behalf of local citizens she has made a plethora of environmental concessions harmful to the public interest. Her long term goal was her own enhancement and status with all levels of government as well as with the public combined with a significant cleanup of the downstream five miles of Canagagigue Creek.     

Instead she is now prepared to settle for crumbs. I have no doubts that she will jump on the bandwagon and claim victory if and when Lanxess "voluntarily" do a token cleanup of one, two or three "hotspots" in the Creek. Lanxess's fake but well credentialed Risk Assessment allegedly has claimed that all downstream chemical and environmental risks are "acceptable". That is utter and complete self-serving and self-manipulated bullcrap. Wildlife are suffering and the scientific evidence in fish tissues of dioxins/furans, DDT, mercury and PCBs is overwhelming. Furthermore much of the sampling and lab work was not up to par and manipulating Non Detects in sediment samples is child's play when you are in charge of the entire process.  

I am hoping in the near future to hear what the MECP's rationale is for pretending that Uniroyal Chemical and successors are not obligated and legally liable for the cleanup of the Canagagigue Creek which they devastated. How dare they sit on their fat ass** and pretend everything is O.K. with both wildlife and humans having been victimized by the company. 




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