Thursday, June 16, 2022


 Well already it's not looking too good and as I just received this report this morning (on-line) and have only read the first few pages including Title Page, Table of Contents and Introduction that isn't so good. So what is my beef already? It's a one hundred page report and the polluter and successors who caused the mess in Elmira have successfully transferred printing costs including Toners, paper and computer/printer onto the public the same way they pass as much of their cleanup costs onto the public purse as they can. Secondly there is no Executive Summary. Thirdly there isn't even a damned date on this report that I just received. Not on the first several pages at least nor on the last page of text. What the hell kind of report is undated? There is also an Oh Oh moment in the Introduction when they discuss NDMA exceedances in groundwater on the Stroh property still euphemistically referred to as 6770 Line 86. The text states that consistent NDMA concentrations greater than Ontario Drinking Water Standards are only along the eastern border of Lanxess with the Stroh property. Bullshit says I to that. Wait a minute is this simply more of GHD's verbal manipulations? Is the key the single word "consistent"? Ahh maybe they are being cute and ignoring the deep groundwater sample of NDMA that I recall several hundred metres to the east beside the driveway into the Stroh property. Further reading hopefully will clear that up. Obviously not of course for those who only read Executive Summaries or Introductions and not the whole report.

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