Monday, June 20, 2022


 Interestingly the biggest adverse changes to the medical reporting system have occurred since 2018 when our Ford/Conservative government came to power. Now is this some kind of weird ideological right wing political position or is it more likely to simply be a new government jumping on a minor issue without any data, science or common sense to back them up?  The title of today's front page article in the Waterloo Region Record is "Guilty Until Proven Innocent" which neatly sums it up. Our Ministry of Transport under the Conservatives have further advanced their status as incompetent, bullying nincompoops.              ..........................................................................................                                                                                  There was also a front page article in last Saturday's  newspaper describing particularly egregious cases of   license suspensions based upon speculation, conjecture and possibly even spite. In one case a young woman had her driver's license suspended based upon a psychiatrist's report who one would think had at least interviewed the patient. Apparently not. In none of these cases had the citizen actually broken any driving laws. In none of these cases had they actually been reported to authorities for bad or illegal driving.  It appears to be bureaucrats running amok with an oversized joy in exercising their punitive powers. Make no mistake these are punitive actions being taken without the benefit of a hearing, an investigation or even an interview of the affected person. There is an appeal process but it can take up to a year depriving some people of their livelihoods again without a stitch of solid evidence of any kind of bad driving. Dear God if our police actually enforced driving laws above and beyond speeding and drunk driving there would be a massive number of dangerous drivers off our roads. That would be the drivers whom I've called HUA (head up ass) for decades and which our authorities have belatedly recognized as distracted drivers. These drivers are too busy talking, listening to others and simply multi tasking when they are barely competent to drive with their full attention on the road. They rarely signal turns, rarely watch ahead more than a single car's length,  wander over lane markings, drive slowly on highways in the fast lane, make left turns as far from the centre line as possible and just generally are a danger to themselves and every one around them. Rarely if ever do they get pulled over by police for those driving habits. This Ministry has long been short on proper enforcement of the rules of the road and long on puffery and self-aggrandizement (eg. allegedly best/lowest death rates in the world per capita)                                               

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