Wednesday, June 15, 2022


 Six years ago Woolwich Council humiliated themselves throughout Waterloo Region and further afield with their antics to shut down Delegations dealing with Chemtura Canada (Uniroyal). To be more specific they attempted to prevent  Dr. Dan Holt and myself  from addressing Council as Delegates which is our right. There was a great deal of Editorials, articles and even cartoons lampooning Woolwich Council for their behaviour. One of my favourites was the cartoon (Arnold) in the Woolwich Observer depicting council members and Mayor petting a skunk labelled "Censorship Policy". In the second frame of the cartoon the skunk has let fly stinking up the room and people. Councillor Merlihan says "Like we couldn't see that one coming." The caption at the bottom states "Even after a good airing, that some stenches tend to linger appears to be lost on some people."                                                                                                  ........................................................................                                                                                                    I am also aware that local citizens sent letters and e-mails to Council criticizing them for their apparent inability to follow their own rules such as their Procedural By-Laws. This By-Law is a two way street in that it indicates both how Delegates and Council members are supposed to behave. I would admit that certain Council members (M. Bauman, S. Hahn & Sandy Shantz) were likely still smarting from their public exposure as politicians unable or unwilling to follow other laws such as the Municipal Act and the  Municipal Elections Act. 

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