Monday, July 26, 2021


Going through old newspaper clippings mostly regarding Uniroyal Chemical I came across a Letter To The Editor in the Woolwich Observer from one Elze Bredenkamp. It was dated October 8, 2015. Now I'm not certain I know who that is but possibly she was the owner/proprietor of a small business on Church St. which is no longer there. Regardless her Letter To The Editor was critical of my right as a resident and voter in Woolwich Township, to take the mayor to task for her multiple irregularities in her post election Financial Statements. Now of course just as I and any other citizen have both a moral and legal right (Municipal Elections Act) to demand clarification of obvious failures in the mayor's Financial Statements, so does Ms. Bredenkamp have the right to object to my doing so. Unfortunately it appears that Ms. Bredenkamp probably hasn't even looked at the mayor's Financial Statements. I say that because there are exactly zero criticisms from her aimed at specific understating of expenses, improper corporate donations etc.. Ms. Bredenkamp's criticisms are entirely personal, aimed at me. For example she suggests that I'm looking for publicity and then she oddly turns around and calls me out by name in her Letter To The Editor. Perhaps the lady simply is a friend of the mayor and wanted to give her support. Fair enough but maybe the focus in your Letter should have been on the fine upstanding qualities of the mayor versus my alleged drawbacks. Anyhow carry on and perhaps in future research your facts a little bit better and you might better understand why some citizens object to taxpayer funded individuals breaking the law of the land as mayor Shantz did (i.e. Municpal Elections Act).

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